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London Electrolysis Clinic Offers Professional And Permanent Hair Removal In A Safe And Sanitary EnvironmentLondon Electrolysis Clinic - Electrolysis is a commitment you make to yourself, for yourself!London Electrolysis Clinic - Electrolysis is a commitment you make to yourself, for yourself!


Q: What is electrolysis and what is the process?
A: Electrolysis is a permanent method of hair removal. A fine probe is inserted along the hair follicle and then a small amount of electricity is passed through the probe. This destroys the root of the hair permanently. Trained and experienced electrologists can perform this procedure without piercing or harming the skin.
Q: Is electrolysis painful?
Pain is relative to every patient being treated as well as the area being treated. It is commonly found that electrolysis on the upper lip and inner thighs to be slightly uncomfortable; some patients say they experience a slight tingling. Whereas, treatment on the arms, legs, chest and breast offers little to no discomfort.
Q: How expensive is electrolysis?
The cost of electrolysis is relatively standard and in-keeping with other health care facilities and aestheticians offering this service. Over a lifetime, the cost of temporary hair removal is usually more expensive than electrolysis.

Q: How many treatments would I need to completely rid myself of superfluous hair growth?
Each person is different and treatment plans are customized for each patient. The duration of your individual treatment is dependent on:
Sticking to your schedule will increase the efficacy of your treatment and will ultimately lead to freeing you of superfluous hair.

Q: Is electrolysis safe?
This type of permanent hair removal is the only safe method that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and recognized by the AMA (American Medical Association)
unwanted hair removal
  • The area to be treated
  • Types of hair removal used prior
  • Your commitment to rigidly adhering to your specific treatment schedule
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London Electrolysis Clinic 
1425 I-85 Parkway
Montgomery, AL 36106  
Phone: 334-277-4242


Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Evening appointments available


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